Thursday, February 18, 2010

Making History their story


The kids are now studying Ancient Greece and we will soon be reading that copy of Black Ships Before Troy which has been sitting on a shelf for a couple of years. It’s very exciting.

Now, I didn’t study history in school, but I wish I had. Learning about lives and great empires which have come and gone has a way of putting your life in perspective. In Australia, where warfare, death and the “natural” order of things is largely out of sight,  it is easy to forget that we are like the grass, destined to live for a short time before withering, dying and fading out of remembrance.

History reminds us of our mortality.

As a result, history focuses us on the important things in life: those things which are bound up in God’s plan to reconcile man to Himself. When we study history we  are following the course of that plan from the beginning to the present, watching His providential hand at work. It helps our kids understand  that they and their  family form a part of God’s plan: that they have a part to play, too.


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