Friday, January 28, 2011

Time dilation and late night feeds

time dilation

Strange things can happen during late night feeds.

Patrice says that she put an episode of My Three Sons on at the start of last night’s  late feed, but she only remembers the first few minutes before then seeing the credits roll at the end of the episode. 30 minutes had elapsed in what seemed like only 5 minutes. 

She put the episode back on from the start, and once again all  she remembers is the opening scene or two and then – BOOM! – the end credits. Again, 30 minutes had elapsed in what seemed like only 5 minutes.  This couldn’t be a glitch in the dvd player, could it?

Well, third time lucky.

This time, she settled herself down after changing a nappy and swapping sides. She distinctly remembers hitting fast forward, to get past the opening scenes which she had already seen (twice!), but then ended up straight back at the credits -  in what seemed like even less time than before.

What is going on, and how can we explain this strange phenomenon?


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Modest Daughters


Doug Wilson offers up a frank opinion here about a very common problem in the Church, and a difficult subject to address: immodesty. He also covers three common problems with immodesty in women’s dress — too much, too little, and too tight.

Gregory Koukl: Sharing Theology with your kids


In this post, Gregory Koukl explains explains how he and his wife are applying theological content to the lives of their children in a variety of ways.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What are some effective ways to communicate love to your wife?

ring bible

In this post, Brian Croft shares five ways to communicate love to your wife, all of which share one common denominator…surprise for her and sacrifice from you.

The only “youth program” your kids need

Family of Four

In this article, Rev. Michael Brown shares some thoughts on what he says is the only “youth program” your kids need; family worship and catechesis:

Coming to Reformed Christianity, my wife and I not only learned the sobering truth about the means of grace and what actually happens during the Divine Service on the Lord’s Day, we also learned about the vital importance of regular family worship throughout the week. Clearly, this was a practice far more biblical (and historical) than the compartmentalized, hustle-bustle of a busy week at church. The ancient paths God carved out for families to walk in long ago were new to us. We learned how he designed the family to be a worshiping unit, an entity that would engage in prayer, praise and instruction in the course of ordinary, daily life. We learned how Christian parents have the covenantal responsibility-both toward God and their children-of bringing up their little ones as disciples in the historic Christian faith. Suddenly, all those passages about training up your children began to come into color.

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