Friday, July 23, 2010

Practical Ideas for Family Worship


In this post for The Resurgence, Worship Pastor Tim Smith provides 7 practical ideas for family worship.

A Family Scripture Memory Plan

memory verse

In this blog post, Scott Brown outlines the 6 elements which form his family’ s plan for scripture memorisation.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

How can I make sure I am individually shepherding my children?


In this blog post, Brian Croft provides a great example of how a father can individually shepherd his children. I was challenged by the way that this role is given such a high priority, in terms of setting aside the time every night.

Scripture Memory: A Father's Perspective


Here are some great thoughts from Tyson Paoletti on leading your family in worship and using memory verses. I particularly like the verses he found, which speak about a father’s responsibility to lead his family in this area.

Comic books right way to reach boys?


Barbara Kay’s argument that comic books are a good way to encouraging boys to read is an interesting one. We certainly don’t have any problem getting our eldest son to read comic books; the challenge is finding comic books that are suitable. Got any suggestions?