Friday, February 11, 2011

Tolstoy on fathers, education and moral training


I love this scene from Anna Karenina, where Levin visits Lvov, and they get into a conversation about fatherhood, education, moral training and the role of religion. Lvov’s humility and commitment to the task at hand are an inspiration! 

"That's what I envy you, that you are able to mix in these interesting scientific circles," he said. And as he talked, he passed as usual into French, which was easier to him. "It's true I haven't the time for it. My official work and the children leave me no time; and then I'm not ashamed to own that my education has been too defective."

"That I don't believe," said Levin with a smile, feeling, as he always did, touched at Lvov's low opinion of himself, which was not in the least put on from a desire to seem or to be modest, but was absolutely sincere.

"Oh, yes, indeed! I feel now how badly educated I am. To educate my children I positively have to look up a great deal, and in fact simply to study myself. For it's not enough to have teachers, there must be someone to look after them, just as on your land you want laborers and an overseer. See what I'm reading"--he pointed to Buslaev's _Grammar_ on the desk--"it's expected of Misha, and it's so difficult.... Come, explain to me.... Here he says..."

Levin tried to explain to him that it couldn't be understood, but that it had to be taught; but Lvov would not agree with him.

"Oh, you're laughing at it!"

"On the contrary, you can't imagine how, when I look at you, I'm always learning the task that lies before me, that is the education of one's children."

"Well, there's nothing for you to learn," said Lvov.

"All I know," said Levin, "is that I have never seen better brought-up children than yours, and I wouldn't wish for children better than yours."

Lvov visibly tried to restrain the expression of his delight, but he was positively radiant with smiles.

"If only they're better than I! That's all I desire. You don't know yet all the work," he said, "with boys who've been left like mine to run wild abroad."

"You'll catch all that up. They're such clever children. The great thing is the education of character. That's what I learn when I look at your children."

"You talk of the education of character. You can't imagine how difficult that is! You have hardly succeeded in combating one tendency when others crop up, and the struggle begins again. If one had not a support in religion--you remember we talked about that--no father could bring children up relying on his own strength alone without that help."

This subject, which always interested Levin, was cut short by the entrance of the beauty Natalia Alexandrovna, dressed to go out.


Joel Beeke on Leading Family Worship


At Desiring God’s recent 2011 conference for Pastors, Joel Beeke gave an extremely encouraging and practical address on leading family worship. To date, it is probably the most comprehensive message I have heard on the subject.

Topics addressed include:

  • The Necessity of Family Worship

  • The Duty of Family Worship

  • The Implementation of Family Worship

  • Objections to Family Worship

  • Motivations for Family Worship

I heartily recommend this message to you: it can be viewed or downloaded (for free) at the link below.

Friday, February 4, 2011

The rocking chair

Here are a couple of snaps of the rocking chair which my Mum recently recovered and gave to us. It’s a beauty; a family heirloom which has now been passed down to the fourth generation!

  DSC_0444  DSC_0446     


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Man Whisperer or True Woman?


In this post at Unlocking Feminity, Gabrielle Pickle writes a great review of a new book called The Man Whisperer, and explains the difference between a Man Whisperer and a True Woman:

The Man Whisper uses her femininity for her own gain to manipulate her man into acting like a man so she can have the relationship she always wanted.

True Womanhood uses her femininity to bring glory to God which in turn serves as a powerful call for men to rise up to be who God created them to be: masculine co-bearers of God’s glory.

Diana Waring’s History Revealed reading list

diana waring

While there is not an extensive list of living history books suggested within History Revealed, I have found a couple of resources which have been very useful.

The first one is Rainbow Resource Centre , which was recommended by Bill Waring after I asked the Waring’s for a reading list:

The other is Mary Collis’ Home School Favourites:

Both of these companies sell individual book titles and packages that are relevant to all three time periods. The Home School Favourites website has a very comprehensive review of each book she recommends, along with reading ages and a mention of any questionable content. We base our purchases and reading lists on a combination of all three resources.