Sunday, July 31, 2011

The riddle of the boy who grew overnight (and shrank the next day)


Do your kids ever seem to grow overnight? Do they ever have a growth spurt that leaves their clothes, which fitted perfectly the week before, looking far too small?

That’s what happened yesterday, when Benjamin came out wearing his “good” jeans, all ready to go out with his grandparents.  He seemed to have grown a couple of inches overnight. I have seen a few growth spurts in my time, but nothing like this. This was something else entirely.

I knew could discount the possibility that these jeans had shrunk in the last wash, because his younger brother has a pair too, and we know from experience that they are good quality clothing. In fact, we should probably have bought them two pairs each, because Jeremiah’s pair went missing yesterday.  As clothes do around here, you know. Anything from socks to jumpers can go missing or get mislaid. They have even been known to get put on the wrong hanger from time to time.

Well, the strangest thing happened this morning when we got ready to go to Church – Benjamin’s jeans fit him again! Amazing. Astounding, in a Shrinking of Treehorn sort of a way.

Oh, and another piece of good news – we found Jeremiah’s jeans this morning. But, there was a bit of a mystery there, too.  Although he hasn’t worn them since they were last worn, they really looked like they might have been worn by someone...

The mysteries of life, hey? It keeps things interesting :)

Friday, July 15, 2011

Family games that avoid the screen…


Some good ideas for boardgames here, which I will post now and take another look  at in the lead-up to Christmas.